Nine lives, remember ?

The secret life of Walter Mitty.


Only death may pay for life.

The x-files + 1x01 - ‘deep throat’

Memento Mori

" In med school I learned that cancer arrives in the body unannounced, a dark stranger who takes up residence, turning it’s new home against itself. This is the evil of cancer, that is starts as an invader, but soon becomes one with the invaded, forcing you to destroy it, but only at the risk of destroying yourself. It is science’s demon possession. My treatment, science has attempted exorcism. Mulder I hope that in these terms you might know it and know me, and accept this stranger that so many recognize but cannot ever completely cast out. And if the darkness should have swallowed me as you read this, you must never think there was the possibility of some secret intervention, something you might have done. And though we’ve traveled far together, this last distance must necessarily be traveled alone."

Could you guys take three seconds of your day and sign this? It would mean the entire world to me and of course,him. You could save his life. Please and thank you.

His name is Arthur and he’s from Canada and btw he’s the only polar bear in Argentina. As you may know here in Argentina,it’s summer and there’s almost no fucking place in the country where the temperature doesn’t go near/above 40ºC. he’s in a zoo in Mendoza and they keep him in a pool (that doesn’t even have water like) ((there’s a variety of pools for him but the ones who have water are like so fucking dirty it’s disgusting)) out there in the sun light and he’s literally burning alive. he just lays down the entire time and he’s always throwing up (who knows what kind of “food” they give him to eat). A canadian organization offered the government to take him back home FOR FREE where they are gonna take care of him but they don’t want to since he’s like the only one in the country blah blah and they keep lying and saying vets check him daily and he’s healthy just bored and shit no one believes. the exact same shit happened last year with Winner,another polar bear but unfortunately nobody cared and he died. this time has to be different and i really want to help him. so yeah here: sign this